Life at Agilitee

At Agilitee, you will have the opportunity to work with our team of professionals to create and innovate the best Artificial Intelligence and Green Solutions that are helping in building a carbon free society for all.

We take pride in our forward-thinking dynamic culture that champions diversity and inclusivity, and fosters a respectful working environment.

At the fingertips of every employee are innovative technological tools and access to programs that support professional and personal growth.


Workplace Values

Our vision for our workplace is one that is centred on honesty, transparency and respect and with values that bring forward the best in all of us as we advance the human race towards the new world. We are committed to creating a culture in which diverse voices and perspectives are encouraged and respected, and where all employees feel at home and know for certain that they are equally supported in developing their careers — where people can truly be themselves and feel they can achieve their best no matter the race, gender, sex nor religion.

We have development a culture that prioritizes people-first policies and programs equitably throughout our global organization. We’ve already made significant progress––this includes improving and extending our family leave benefits; stopping the use of traditional NDA agreements in areas related to harassment and non-discrimination; and making sure that many team members previously classified as contractors were given the opportunity to move into full-time employee positions.

As we continue to invest in systems, tools and processes to strengthen our company, what’s most important is the continued investment in our people.

Diversity & Inclusion

We continue to work to deliver our global diversity and inclusion commitments and there are a number of key initiatives where we are making progress.

Diversity Data Collection

As we assess our diversity and inclusion policies and processes to determine where we need to focus our efforts, we have asked our employees to update and provide diversity data about themselves voluntarily. We continue to use this data to strengthen our recruitment, progression, retention and succession efforts around the globe.

Career Development

For markets without an established practice in place, we are launching new review and goal-setting processes so that employees and their managers have open, honest and constructive conversations throughout the year. Goal setting is an essential organizational practice to align business and career goals together with our principles.

  • Mentorship – This program is gaining participants across our content teams and we will be further expanding mentorship opportunities, including a program partnership with the sister Companies.
  • Learning – We are excited to launch a global eLearning platform soon, providing world-class professional learning resources for all employees. The eLearning platform will consist of a wide variety of learning content related to relevant leadership, management, and professional skills that will complement our expanding portfolio of instructor led programs.
  • Employee Engagement – We listen to our employees and measure engagement on a regular basis. Findings from the surveys are used to evolve our culture and help create a workplace where employees can feel invested.