Our Core Values

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Our Core Values

They usher our employees in every way, and are the core driver and foundation of our culture.

We invite you to learn more about each of our ten Core Values:

Customer Centric > We listen to our customers in order to know their problems so as to provide them with permanent solutions that that make their lives better, like a little child with a candy for the very first time and be excited about life again. We build trust by converting every customer into part of our family.

Stronger Together > We work as a collective and move decisively in the same direction. We leverage our global diversity and complement each other’ skillsets and strengths in building a world we will be proud to leave to the next generation.

One Step Ahead > We create smart, sustainable, reliable, and immediate future solutions that are innovative and they provide future centric living environments for our customers. We continually move in the direction of our strengths to be one step ahead.

Reliable > Our word is our bond. We deliver on every promise made to our customers and stakeholders.

Care   > We are responsible to our colleagues, consumers, brands, our society and our environment.

Simplicity > We work hard to be clear in what we do and say and we remain consistent, this helps us make decisions quickly and be pragmatic and focused on what’s essential.

Courage > We have bold objectives, we pounce, we learn from our mistakes and take up every challenge as an opportunity to advance.

Integrity > We hold ourselves to the highest esteem that is why we conduct our business responsibly, ethically and lawfully. We are personally accountable for our work, practicing transparency, honesty and truthfulness and we treat everyone with great respect.

Creativity > We are forward thinking, spontaneous, innovative and creative in all that we think, say and do. Every idea from a cleaner to c level of the organization is taken to consideration no matter who it came from and we encourage the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise. We hire the best of the best in order to promote sustainable developmental learning.

Perseverance > We have been through different phases that were meant to break us but we remain steadfast in our belief that Agilitee is a societal necessity. We relay what we seek to achieve and we do that with clarity and conviction. We are relentless in our continuous pursuit to improve ourselves in order to respond vigorously to change and what it brings. We are long-term oriented but we cater for our short-term goals so well that it doesn’t affect our vision.

Achievement > We win all the time, we do it with the highest standards and for every milestone achieved we pause and celebrate. We develop and cultivate internal talent as it affords us an opportunity to promote from within and we are driven, swift and very disciplined in decision making and execution.